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Drywall replaced plaster and lath walls in the 1950's as home building became less reliant on the skilled, plasterer's trade. With the new tools and techniques available today drywall contractors can complete a 2400 sq. ft. home in two weeks whereas it used to take a plastering team up to a month. Drywall contractors make it look easy because they have the experience and the right tools. When considering whether to hire a professional drywall contractor, consider the "Three T's": Time, Tools, and Temperament.

  • Time: A large drywall project can take a do-it-yourself'er a month worth of weekends, where as a professional drywall contractor can come in and knock it out in a couple days!

  • Tools: We as professionals have the necessary tools such as stilts, automatic taping tools, scaffolding and texturing equipment to make quick and correct work of the project.

  • Temperament: Drywalling is a tedious, repetitive job when not done professionally. With the right tools and training, a professional can usually achieve their desired basic finish in only 2 steps. We often see, or hear from previous do-it-yourself'ers, that having to "mud" and sand, and "mud" and sand over and over to get that perfect finish just takes too much time and often is rushed. The result being visible seams, cracks and the appearance of smudges or smears in your painted wall.

Hiring a professional drywall contractor not only saves you the back-breaking labor, headaches, and stress of any overwhelming do-it-yourself project, but it gets you back into your room or house with minimal time and mess.

Available Textures & Finish Options

  • Knock-Down Texture
  • Orange Peel
  • Skip Trowel
  • Acoustic Ceiling Texture (Popcorn)
  • Round Corner Bead


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